History of Heritage 1840

The property parcel, 175 Regent Street, is known legally as “Lot 60.” Heritage 1840 resides on Lot 60, which was owned by James Boulton, a lawyer and officer of the Niagara Mechanics Institute, and prominent member of the Niagara Literacy and Debating Society.

Boulton bought the northern half of the property in 1837 with a partner, John Wilson (or Willson), for 500 Pounds probably as a speculative venture. A plan of the town dated November 1837 records that Lot 60 was already “very closely built on,” suggesting that a house had been built by James Boulton. During 1864 Thomas Daly purchased the land from James Boulton.

During 1883 Daly sold the 175 Regent Street property to Robert and Margaret Bishop for $500, taking back a mortgage for $300. The Bishops mortgaged the house for a further $300 in 1906, likely making additions at that time. Two years later they sold the property to Henry Sheppard for $1,500. Prior to the sale to the Sheppard’s, the Bishop’s rented the house to Robert Burns, a general merchant whose business was in the store now occupied by Greaves Jams.

The property had changed hands several times according to the records dated up till 1912. Included among the more recent owners was Mrs. A. E. Sherlock, a noted Flower Grower, whose house came to be known by the neighbors as the “Sherlock Home.” Other owners were Mr. & Mrs. Fry and Mr. & Mrs. Krahn. It was Mr. Krahn who planted the beautiful majestic Sycamore tree at the side of the house more than 40 years ago!